Is there special rates for a groups?

Yes. We have special rates for groups which is much lower, and varies from one property to another.

What happens when we accidentally damage the property, or the accessories in the property?

In your accommodation we advise you to be more careful to avoid damages. Sometimes you try to avoid the damages but they just happen. In this case you will have to pay for the damages.

Will I be refunded my money if I cancel my booking?

All cancellations applies to our cancellation policy

  • within 14 to 7 days 25%
  • within 7 to 2 days 50%
  • within 2 days/ No shows 100%

What is the check in time?

Check in time 10.30 am, check out time 10.00am

What is the rate of hiring a chef?

The rate of hiring a chef differs from one property to another. Hiring one chef for three meals will cost you from ksh.1000 to ksh. 2000 per day.

I want to come for three days, how much will I pay?

Payment are calculated using nights, 3 days will be 2 nights. Check in time is 10.30 and check out time is 10.00, sometime the situation may force you to stay until evening, in this case you may pay half day, or full day depending on the property you are staying.

I have a family of four, me and my husband/wife and two kids. What is the best accommodation for us?

Some apartments provide extra bed at an extra cost but others don’t. One bedroom or two bedroom apartment can work for you.